I would certainly consider it- but would suggest seeing if you can find a health care professional with whom you and she can work. It sounds like you might benefit from exploring the pros and cons, and having someone who knows (and is known by) your daughter might really help and make decisions easier. For what itís worth, you may be able to find someone who is willing to work with you remotely (at least part of the time) as far as managing dose, potential side effects, etc.

Our DD was helped tremendously with medication for anxiety- though we (unfortunately) werenít able to address it until it was fairly debilitating. After a short time on meds, she was finally capable of working effectively on non-medical aspects of handling/coping with her anxiety. She previously was stubbornly resistant and just unable to find the mental space for that kind of work, if that makes sense. She subsequently learned meditation, and other techniques and has found significant relief. I believe she will always have an anxious personality, but having the tools to manage has allowed her to function at a high level and be successful; I am not sure she could have learned or accessed these tools without the initial help of medication.

Good luck- it can be such a challenging problem for a kid/family to manage.

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