I thought I would seek out some opinions from the community after my daughter's gifted testing results came in a few weeks ago. She is 6 and in First Grade.

In the early Fall of 2019 she took a NNAT 3 screener to start the gifted evaluation at our school and got a 144 on that test.

Last month she was given a RIAS-2 na her Standard Scores column listed 104, 107, 106 and all classified as Average. Now originally the school said we'd get a heads up on what day she'd be administered the RIAS (but we weren't) and after the fact when our daughter told us a bit about what happened, the events seemed a bit odd so wife and I weren't 100% convinced that the RIAS test came back as an accurate assessment.

Now we scheduling to have her tested independently outside the school and the tester is recommending she take WISC-5 so we don't have to do a waiting period between tests. Her recommendation was to spend some time with the QBITZ game ahead of her testing.

If anyone has any additional suggestions on making sure

Since it took 6 months to get to the point of hitting a wall at the school, figuring at this point it's just about next year. From what I've read so far online, there does seem to be a discrepancy between the results of the NNAT and RIAS but looking to get the community's thoughts on that as well.