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First, you have an opportunity during the current widespread stay-home orders to gather some more anecdotal information about your DC's current academic level and rate of learning, and to renew her enthusiasm for learning. If your DC is not in school, take this time to experiment, perhaps with some of the many online programs that currently are offering free access. Or let her explore her own learning around the house or in the yard, if you have one. Download a range of books from the library and let her read/listen to them.

I'm sure you'll hear from some other parents shortly. For us, we knew from the beginning that public school was unlikely to suit our children. We started with tiny private schools that were willing to be flexible about age of entry, single subject acceleration, and whole grade acceleration, then tried various combinations of partial homeschooling and full homeschooling. One entered public school for the first time in recent years, at the secondary level. We've made decisions year-to-year, even month-to-month.

So start by taking a deep breath. You don't have to--and can't--and shouldn't--make a decision now for her entire educational career. Her needs will likely change many times over the next decade, and your choices will change with them. You will probably also make decisions that don't work out optimally--we all have--and that's okay. Very few of them will be truly irretrievable, as long as you feel the freedom to seek out other options as soon as it becomes apparent that it's not a good fit.

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