I am grateful for the opportunity to seek advice from this community. Iíll try to briefly explain our struggle/question and some background information. My apologies if this post is too long!

Our family goals are to be happy, healthy and kind, and good members of our community. We also want our child to work toward feeling more confident in sharing his curiosity, showing what he can do, and taking risks when learning new things in school. We want him to know that itís okay to make mistakes, and to seek out opportunities to be challenged and engaged in learning.

Given that these are our goals, school is not going well. Our 1st grader is generally well-behaved (except for some sitting still and maintaining appropriate body space issues) and well-liked (teachers report that he can play or work with any of his classmates), and has overcome some pretty extreme school refusal, but he adamantly does not want to go to school. He feels that he does not learn new things at school, and we see that he hasnít made much progress even in the area that he struggles (writing). He has started taking long bathroom breaks to avoid certain subjects. His report card reflects that either he is not demonstrating what he knows or the teacher is not assessing beyond where the class is in the curriculum.

He attends a ďgoodĒ public school in MA, but receives no enrichment, extension or personalized instruction. (There is not much flexibility or resources in the school or classroom to provide these things.) He has some friends at school, but there isnít any particular child he feels very close to or wants to see outside of school. (He does have a best friend, but they donít go to the same school.)

We recently had the opportunity for our child to take the WISC-V, and these are his results.
Verbal Comprehension: 150 (SI: 19, VC: 18)
Visual Spatial: 138 (BD: 19, VP: 14)
Fluid Reasoning: 144 (MR: 18, FW: 17)
Working Memory: 125 (DS: 13, PS: 16)
Processing Speed: 129 (CD: 15, SS: 15)
FSIQ: 149

Other info:
- He saw an occupational therapist for two years (ages 5-6) for help with sensory processing and ocular motor difficulties that impacted fine motor skills. (This was a wonderful, helpful experience.)
- We really donít want to move from our general area due to work and proximity to family.
- The psychologist who performed the assessment seemed very doubtful that we would be able to make public school work. ☹
- There are financial considerations if we end up looking private school.

I think we are at the point where we know need to make a change, and while I understand that broadly our options are making public school work, finding a better-fit private school, or trying homeschooling, Iím struggling to wrap my head around everything, and I could use some advice on the pros and cons of these or other optionsÖor even just the feasibility of making any of them work.

Thank you!