I have two children (DD10 and DS8) who have been identified as gifted. They took IQ tests during identification process but the school did not share the results with me so I don't know where they stand in the spectrum. However, I don't exactly call them gifted, I call them smart kids. Their gifted program is focused solely on enrichment and they have not been accelerated. They score 97-99 percentile in their peer group on MAP test for math.

Anyway, due to the Corona virus scare, it looks like my kids will not go back to school for some time. I'm looking for a good math study material that challenges them while at home.

I'm looking at Beast Academy-- they took the pretest, I think I'll start my DS on 2s and DD on 4s.

Here is my question. Should I use books for this program, online, or both? I'm thinking to continue on during summer, if the kids enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing your experience.