Thanks for the post mumofthree. It really made me think also. DD is now in 10th grade and I started on this forum in preschool. As a domineering helicopter parent, I thought I could control, even with least worst options. And now things are not as I planned. I should have done the grade skip but it coincided with a lot of home upheaval. Moving from NYC and the death of her father. So that didn't happen, but everything worked out eventually, despite my best efforts to control, DD is very strong and controlling her own outcomes. Making choices I never saw coming. But are turning out to be better strategic options for her long term goals. So despite my efforts to make sure she had the better options, she sometimes found the best options that were not even on my radar. It feels weird to spend years trying to make sure they get what they need, that now it is time to step back and let them make choices and control the process and they will find what they need.