On this site, you will see (our used to see) lots of references to least-worst options. This is what people mean. For each kid and family it will be different, and will be a fluid process as well.

For some, they opt to leave the system altogether, and some work out compromises of various sorts. Our kids stayed in the system, one that like yours, refuses any acceleration or effective differentiation (with a few great exceptions). They had some good peers, or near-peers at any rate, and found some relief through some extracurricular activities that were much more engaging than anything offered or available through the curriculum. It was a compromise, for sure, but one we made with awareness and thought, based on many factors. And I still have regrets and second thoughts, and probably always will. Because there is no perfect path, you do the best you can with what you have.

Given all that, we are remarkably lucky overall. My DD is thriving in college, with a couple of wildly divergent career/life pathways ahead of her, and my DS is finishing his senior year of HS, with some exciting decisions and opportunities ahead of him. Education is a lifelong process, and they are ready to take over and continue the journey.

Best wishes to you, and all the posters here- the struggle is real, but may you and your kids find their way. I hope it helps to know there are others who hear your frustrations and understand.

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