Are there any other parents of kids with a pronounced spike in Verbal strength over Math. It seems like most of the literature around HG->PG kids covers children who are either not 2E and are fairly evenly gifted, or, if they have a significant spike it is Math. It also seems like there are more stories here of supporting 2e children who have dysgraphia or dyslexia over dyscalculia. Most studies and stories of radical acceleration are also in relation math and sciences.

Where does one find the research, and the tribe, for a child whose strength is entirely verbal? Particularly given that "Verbal" is a really [SPAM] search term.

Note: My child does not have dyscalculia, but it's interesting that active issues with math also seem rarer than active issues in the verbal domain. Perhaps I should say more correctly that there is no measure in which my child could be described as having a math disability, but they do feel like they do at times, because there is a yawning gap in Verbal>Math aptitude and achievement.