saw this and wondered if it gets slightly less competitive as a result:

More Chinese and Indian students are going to British universities

According to Inside Higher Ed, applications from Chinese students to British universities rose 30% in 2019, a development that could portend a continued decline in international applicants to U.S. colleges. Indian applicants represent a smaller number than Chinese applicants—19,760 vs. 6,210—but, they too experienced an identical 30% bump last year. Various theories behind the shift include rampant anti-immigrant rhetoric in America, the trade war with China, and the diminished value of the pound which makes a British education more affordable. Presently, over 300,000 Chinese students come to the U.S. to study at American universities, so it isn’t as though a small change would be catastrophic to the higher education system as a whole; however, many institutions have come to rely on Chinese students who pay tuition price. Definitely a trend worth tracking throughout the coming admissions season.