A previous post discussed an issue our junior will face and I wonder how you, or others, factored it into admission decisions?

As many users of this site we supplemented what was taught at his public school as we did not want to homeschool. Also, he now goes to a high school that does offer advanced STEM courses, MVC, DiffEQ, Lin Alg, etc., which has been wonderful. As we understand, if luckly enough to get into MIT, etc., then their Lin Alg course will be challenging even if it was taken before? However, if he attends unis lower down the list, it will not necessarily be the case.

For instance, GT would make him repeat all courses that are not AP or DE. Our instate unis will accept some of these courses, not all though. Hopefully, he gets into a tippy top and if so maybe not an issue, but if he does not he currently prefers the instate option as opposed to going to a school that makes him repeat a course that he knows already.

I have read that some unis will allow you to test out of a course and select another higher level course instead which would be much better. Does anyone have experience with this and how did you go about figuring it all out? His current plan is to apply to around 10 unis and then after acceptances are out, begin the process of contacting them to see what is possible.