Over the past year, concern about college admissions has evidently become part of the national consciousness, as shown by a recent TV commercial for a product with broad appeal and a wide audience... which alludes to this situation.

Snickers candy bars has been running a series of TV commercials with a comical theme of feeding planet Earth giant Snickers bars to literally make the world a better place. One ad in this series indicates the world would be a better place without college admissions scams:

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Monitoring the giant hole dug into the earth in order to feed the world a supersized Snickers, Luis Guzman asks a "college admissions guy" how his selection process is going. Considering his progress so far, the man notes that he hasn't been offered a bribe by any B-list celebrities on behalf of their underachieving offspring... so that's good! Encouraged, the actor can only conclude that "the Snickers hole" is working -- rich people canít buy their kids straight Aís now that Snickers fixed the world.

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