We got to see the EOY 5th grade test. It was a big packet. My son skipped through a page. When he flipped the page he accidentally double flipped (went straight page 4 to 7 so didn't do a number of questions). The teacher should have pointed out to him when she took it back because he had no idea that happened. Overall he did well and showed his work mathematically but he didn't do very well on "explain your answer" type of written responses.

I had no idea that he will be given a test like that or else I would have reminded him to double check and do his best on written responses (because he is not very keen on doing that usually). But I am not putting any blame on him as the school was just trying to find excuses. He did really well overall.

We got a final response from the district coordinator in which she thanked us to be part of the decision making and that we find solace in the fact that they will work hard to meet our child’s unique needs. She also sent a copy of school board policy where it states that each student be moved forward in a continuous pattern of achievement and growth that is in harmony with his/her own development. Following sound principles of child guidance, the Board discourages the skipping of grades and also that they have the final power. We sent her a response that we didn't feel like the part of decision making at all and it has been enforced upon us and that we will continue to monitor his progress. We believe that they should at least know how we feel.

We tried our best though. I feel like his teacher is making an effort. She gives him MOEM (math olympiads problems) to work on and helps him if he is stuck. She is not making him do those grade level worksheets in class or as homework. He loves reading Beast academy comic guide books.

The lesson learnt here is if there is a school that is meeting your child's needs very well then don't take it for granted and think very carefully before changing schools or moving.

I appreciate all the feedback and responses!