I'm honestly not sure as to whether or not I am intellectualy gifted. I have been called gifted, brilliant, smart , and various other synonyms for intelligent my whole life by teachers, parents, and people I'm acquainted with. I was also in my school districts gifted and talented program which stops in highschool. However I am not sure as to whether I'm gifted or not so I will list my intellectual development and qualitative traits as a child in the hopes that you guys can pinpoint where I am intellectualy. Also I apologise if my formatting is haphazard and fails at being chronological. I also lack grammar skills.
As a baby I didn't talk early but I did sit 1-3 months early if I remember correctly. My mom and dad both claim I was very focused and attentive as a baby and was curious as well. I talked on time and in my toddler years was fascinated by certain mechanisms like bottle caps and door handles and would repeatedly use them to see how they worked. In pre-k I was interested in bees, spiders, grasshoppers, and dinosaurs. I did not read early though. As a kindergartner my teacher recommended I get tested for giftedness and I was IQ tested on a test normed for 2nd graders. I scored very poorly because I was extremely nervous due to severe separation anxiety at the time. I was and still am an extremely anxious person. I remember as a kindergartner brushing my teeth than realizing out of the blue that my parents could die and I'd be alone for the rest of my life so I started bawling. I resolved this existential crisis by promising myself that I would kill myself if my mom or dad were to die. This may or may not be important to mention but as a 5-6 year old I was better at roller skating than the 10 year olds in my neighborhood and was advancing through ice skating lessons at a rapid pace. I was athletically talented.
In first grade I became obsessed with becoming the fastest person on the planet and studied the Jamaican method of running and practiced it a lot. I was not naturally fast so that never really panned out. However I did have superb form. I was extremely unfocused at that age and never payed attention in class. I wouldn't even do the assignments. I'd write random answers down than stare into space. At the age of 7 I learned how to read but I didn't learn to read gradually. It clicked all of the sudden whilst my grandma was teaching me and I was able to read complex passages at passover (I'm Jewish) that week. In second grade I began focusing on school once I realized I would get candy rewards. I advanced rapidly and was years ahead within the span of a semester. I got into GT. I than decided that year I wanted to learn calculus so my GT teacher taught me pre-algebra than Pythagorean theorem. I also got IQ tested and scored around 120. I got tested on CoGat and scored below the 95th percentile. She got moved schools though so I didn't advance any more in that class. Around this time I also got interested in geology and Greek mythology and would read on those subjects extensively. In 4th grade I switched schools. I got interested in the venoms of dangerous spiders, cryptozoology, the paranormal and horror writing. I would stay up to 12 at night in the corner of the bathroom every night scared of ghosts, demons and cryptids. Because of this my mom started me on a medicine. This medicine made me less anxious which also made me more willing to speak out about how bored I was in school to my teachers. I became a hellion. I would throw chairs. Cuss out and flip off teachers and in general be nasty. I did surprisingly get good grades in most subjects but I struggled with math because I'd solve the problem and get it correct but not show my work. They assumed I was cheating and docked my grade. I eventually went to see a psychologist and got diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. The psychologist also gave me an IQ test. I have never seen the results and my mom won't let me see them. She told me however I scored between 130-140. Things didn't get better and in 5th grade I got kicked out of GT for rude behavior.
From 6th-9th grade I went to online school and would play video games most of the day and work around 15 minutes per day on assignments. I passed all my classes.
Today I'm in 10th grade and my interests consist of tarantula keeping, arachnology, psychology, math , and neuroscience.