We got DS6's mid-year kindergarten MAP scores. 195 math and 185 reading. 99.9 & 99.6% respectively.

I think the scores are fine but I can't stop feeling like they reflect a lost opportunity. In pre-k, we were much more aggressive about advocacy and had great results. We've chosen to be more hands off this year. However, now I don't feel like he's really added anything since the work we did over the summer.

I don't know if that's fair to the teachers because they're working on things that we haven't really focused on, like automaticity. And I'm not at all capable of measuring growth in language arts.

We have a meeting scheduled and they've given us good feedback leading up to this. Yet I can't help but feel like he's not being adequately challenged and somehow still feeling like his teachers are working to do so.

I know that I'll probably have to wait until the spring testing to see what progress actually occurred (they didn't do the fall testing). Yet there's a sense of impatience and I can't figure out if it's justified or not.

How do others manage this sense of wanting to push but also wanting to let the process evolve?