Thanks so much for the input!

I have to agree about the randomness of much of this stuff- and so would DS. He is very aware he is lucky and just happened to have a day where he didn’t make errors, and that this and NMF seem kind of overblown. His perspective is that he just took a test, it is what it is, and he doesn’t think that is much of an achievement (and we tend to agree).

He is pretty done with all the applying, and my opinion might not sway him anyway, so I guess we’ll see. I might suggest he ask the counselor, but our school is one that doesn’t celebrate or announce anything, and even for NMF was sort of discouraging, like “this is a lot of work for us, are you sure you want to pursue it?”. I would ask the counselor myself, but I know from my older kid that the response will likely be “this is something DS should be asking us about himself”- they are pretty hardcore about the kids ‘adulting.’

Thanks, and glad to hear your DD is having a good year. Hopefully the good part is about to start around here!
Best wishes, cricket3