Okay so this is getting weird. Got my gifted kid (already identified as gifted in 2nd grade via IQ and brief achievement testing) evaluated for a needs-based iep because I thought his writing and spelling were extremely poor (he is in 5th grade) and when I found out he was 2 grade levels below in spelling. School evaluates and says no iep needed. He has significantly discrepant scores in spelling, writing, PAL - his IQ indices are 94th percentile and 99.9th percentile and his math achievement scores were also in the 99.9 percentile. His other scores were superior with the exception of processing speed indices, which were over 3 standard deviations lower that his other scores. The reason school is denying IEP is that he is allegedly "fine" in school and performing "on grade level mostly." He is currently getting intervention in spelling and writing mechanics but he is "fine." Okay, now the school OT has recommended that he be pulled out for some OT sessions for a "tune up" to "give the teachers a break." So, basically, they deny he needs an IEP, they say he is operating on grade level but now he needs an unofficial OT tune up for letter formation? Seriously???? This is making me very suspicious. I already requested an IEE and have not heard back yet, of course, but they knew it was coming. I just think this is a lot of unofficial help and intervention for a kid who is supposedly fine and on grade level. I told them I had to think about having the OT pull him out. I want my kid helped but I am not sure if agreeing to 'unofficial' off-the-record help that they are officially denying he needs make sense and would hurt in the long run.

Does this make any sense to anyone? What should I do? I am really at a loss.

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