Thank you both for your responses. It felt like the psych set out determined to prove to us that he wasn't smart or LD. The smart part doesn't really matter, I was just surprised at his dismissal of all previous testing that consistently showed otherwise. The LD part does matter. Until about grade 9 he did struggle tremendously with reading. Reading testing results until then were always low. Somehow, over the past few years, his reading has improved while his math results have been on a steady decline. He has only actually failed math in grade 9, despite lots of support, and moved to lower level math for the remainder of high school.

We are in Canada so we don't have any federal rules related to education and I have been unable to find provincial guidelines, despite a call to the department of education to ask.

The psych will not tell me any more information about the numbers generated by the software because it can be "easily misinterpreted" and, in his experience, the results are not unusual. I guess, mainly, I wanted to make sure that I have legitimate reasons to doubt his interpretations of the results. I don't want to make waves if if the evidence isn't really as clear as it appears to my biased eyes! There is no point for me to move ahead with questioning the results if it isn't really clear cut.

His school supports will remain in place, he has many accommodations that the school agrees he still needs. He has alternate venues available for all tests, because of illegible, slow handwriting, he can use his iPad for written work, calculator access for math. He has had all of that since at least grade 5 and everyone is saying he should still have those, even the psych. I wish he could get reduced work in some circumstances, because he is so slow, but the teachers really don't agree with that one!

Again, thank you both for your generous and thoughtful responses.