Hi families, My 7 year old DS tested with high scores in WPPSI when he was 5 and has been in a private school on Main Line in PA. The school does not cater specifically to his issues and I'm noticing that he sometime loses interest in the subjects. His teacher talks about his lack of attention, etc. but also admits that he is ahead and that may be why his gets distracted with other things. He is gradually falling from 'exceeds expectation' to 'proficient' in his report cards. He is showing less interest in many areas that used to excel in - for example, he scored a national rank in Kangaroo math last year but lately he does not appear interested. This is a concern that has been running for a while in my head. I feel this may be a result of the school environment and a more stimulating place would do a better job.

Now may family is moving to the bay area - South bay. We hope to live near Mountain view or further to the south and my options are limited. I see that the Harker school is often discussed in the context of 'gifted' but I do not see anything on their website about it. Would love to hear people's insights on why they think it is a good fit for gifted kids and how they tailor their teaching methods for such kids.

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