So often it is written that it doesn't matter where you get your undergrad degree, that the emphasis on quality should be on the grad school. Last year, a girl from DD's school got EA to Stanford. At some cocktail party for new admits, the officier who reviewed her app came up and said that we know that your school prepares kids for a school like Stanford. I know a girl who was top of her class in a good high school, perfect SAT scores, bunch of APs, had legacy at Princeton and got in and failed physics the first year, had a nervous breakdown and took a year off. Switched to political science. I also notice on Quora things that pop up that someone said the problem sets for MIT are harder than Harvard. So where do problem sets from Fairfield U line up? In this age where there seem to be deeper and deeper variation between all sets. Is it getting more important where you do your undergrad degree?