Yes, she took the Grammar fundamentals class. It was her first class and so there was a steep learning curve. There was a lot of work, but I think she had strong gains with it. We discovered that it worked best as a team effort. We choose an ungraded course so she would do the work and they she review with her father before she submitted. They would talk about anything she missed and ferret out the problem. It was a positive experience for her. Her school is very week in this area, perhaps all schools are these days. I wish my son had taken it when he was younger.

She is very strong in math and she reads nearly constantly but I feel like her writing is weaker from lack of practice. I do think it is really helpful. Iím signing her up for another course, probably a writing course (not reading comprehension, because she as read almost all the books listed) or above grade math. And my older son will probably take the writing for an audience. Im glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Part of the reason I enrolled her is that she is applying to a highly selective gifted program (that my son attends and I love) and I wanted to burnish her resume. But she definitely had gains from it.