Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that AT does not actually bring him up to a level playing field. He not only needs extra time for processing speed deficits but having to type math, for example, takes MUCH longer and is much more cumbersome than when you write it by hand. The writing disability still substantially affects his education even with AT. The AT is the best option we got but it does not put him anywhere close to equal footing with peers in regards to test taking (particularly in math and science), in note-taking during class, and even with some assignments.

I am not concerned with "a measure of handwriting ONLY" becasue that will not be the "only" measure he will be evaluated on in his evaluation. But I want it documented and not just skipped because we stick him on an iPad or a computer.

Also, speaking of processing speed, should I request he be given the processing speed tests again (i.e. WISC V processing Speed indices)? I am assuming he would still score pretty low on these. I do not trust the achievement tests in this regard - seems like no matter how "low" he is - he always comes up at least "average."

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