So the reason I note that a measure of handwriting only may not be sufficient is that handwriting alone is not cause for an IEP. It has to impact educational (aka, academic) progress and require remediation. Especially in high school, where it isn't even in the curriculum frameworks anywhere. That's why measures of writing fluency, and of length and quality of product, are so important. It has to tie back to written expression.

And on the proposed EF goals: that would be a good reason to seek evaluation in EF explicitly. Most likely through rating scales, in a school-based eval (e.g., the BRIEF-2).

VM tests: the TVMS-3, Beery-VMI, and DTVP-3 are all design copying tasks, but untimed. The VMI has two modestly timed supplementary subtests (Motor Coordination and Visual Perception), which separate out the motor and perception aspects of visual-motor integration.

I also would have liked to see measures of academic fluency in all core academic areas (reading, writing, math), as that documents the need for extended time. The KTEA-3 has reading, writing and math fluency measures in it. So clearly the school has access to these measures.

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