Okay, so this is question about my middle-schooler who has a GIEP and a needs-based IEP (twice-exceptional). The basis for his needs based IEP is "specific learning disorder with impairment in written expression." Dysgraphia. He literally can not hand-write letter but is a very good 'writer' when given tech. His disorder is literally in the mechanics of writing by hand (can not form letters, reversals, can not hand write and thin at same time, etc.) As I have posted before (I think), he is up for re-eval. I am concerned the disorder being documented and continuing to be a basis of his IEP. In his re-eval testing he was merely tested with KTEA-Brief. Of course being gifted, he scored super high. IN handwriting the paragraph section (which I had them make him hand-write instead of type so we could document the disability) he scored "average." So I took a pic of what he wrote and on the essay sheet the tester noted that "no points were taken off grammar and mechanics." She also noted that that there were many "word/letter errors and poor legibility and that handwriting interferes with his written expression ability."

Anyway. I am concerned this is not enough to document his writing disability. He has aged out of PAL II, which is the only way he got identified int he first place- his scores were so low they had to identify. I am seeing though that there is a test called "Test of Handwriting Skills - Revised" It looks very very similar to PAL but it is normed for higher grades. Should I request that they do this test? Also should i ask for ADHD evals? Executive functioning Evals? All they did was KTEA-brief for the re-eval and I am not sure he will continue to qualify for special ed with just that. Thanks in advance!

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