I understand the logic of what people are expressing with regard to treating depression first. But my experience is that my family members with ADHD often become depressed or seem depressed when less functional, and treating their ADHD deals with the apparent depression. The issue of course, is whether you are dealing with a person who seems like they might have ADHD because they have depression or anxiety, or whether you are dealing with a person who is experiencing depression because they are struggling to function they way the want to due to untreated ADHD. And your in person health team are the best people to help with that, but I do agree with AEH that second opinions are really valuable. Especially if you are feeling uncertain. When you see any sort of specialist about any sort of problem and their answer leaves you thinking "Oh YES! I see that know, how did I not realise?" it is very easy for you to proceed on the advice of that first person. If things aren't so clear, get another opinion and see if it helps. Two people that agree is reassuring, two that disagree is interesting and useful. Or maybe they agree but one describes what they think is going on differently and uses different examples, or has a different suggested path forward, and THAT is also very interesting.

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