I have known white students with double legacy, where the parents donated millions and the kid got rejected. I have known parents, double legacy, got the first 2 in and the 3rd got rejected, though she had comparable scores with the first, but the environment got more competitive. These were big, steady donors. If the scores don't line up, it doesn't matter if you donate -- probably a half billion will get you admission, or if you are double legacy. They told the Kennedys not to let John John apply because they didn't want to reject him, hence he went to Brown. I do not know why the people on this board think it is so easy for legacy? I saw first admit AA students get into Harvard with 1420 SAT scores. You read through and you can see a bunch. First time college. They are shocked they got in. So if the word is out that first time AA applicants can get in with lower scores, how many apply? They will get a full ride since they probably come from lower income. I would apply. Out of about 900 EA, about 350 are legacy, 250 athletes. And then you have some Dean's list of faculty etc. And it makes sense that a larger portion of legacy admits are going to be white. Historically Harvard has been a white male school. Then they were letting in some others. But historically it was not diverse. So why is it a surprise that 21 % of white admits were legacy? I know of one AA girl, with perfect SAT math scores, double legacy Harvard. Got in. But also got in everywhere else. Because she was an AA girl with perfect SAT math scores. She opted for MIT. Is a white girl with perfect SAT math scores going to get in everywhere she applies? And a good chance an asian girl with perfect math scores has even a harder time getting into her choice.