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This is bizarre. What does this even mean?

It’s pretty basic arithmetic, actually:

Over 33 percent of legacy applicants—Harvard hopefuls with at least one parent who graduated from the College or Radcliffe—gained admission to the Classes of 2014 through 2019...

the preference given to legacy students disproportionately favors white students.

In his filings, he claimed more than 21.5 percent of white admitted students are also legacy admits. Around 6.96 percent of Hispanic admits, 6.63 percent of Asian-American admits, and 4.79 percent of African-American admits were students with legacy status...

But Harvard has not disputed the preference given to legacy students.

You guys are trying to argue against a point that Harvard concedes openly. Plus, Harvard’s overall acceptance rate in 2016 was 6%, meaning essentially no one but white students were given a preference (and African-Americans were given an anti-preference).

If you want to explore why legacy students among your acquaintances with good scores and grades were rejected, you could always take a poll comparing legacy acceptance and rejection according to race, request for financial aid, and how much their parents had donated.

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