I donít know if I mentioned this upthread but DH went to Harvard and has many close friends who have children applying. He also participates in multiple online groups. It has been interesting. The legacy boost is hilariously overblown unless you are also donating, conservatively a few million dollars and have done so multiple times previously, and has a kid who could get in independently. Harvard does not need small donors, or to please alumni, or unqualified candidates at any donation level. Most people think that it is actually disadvantage.

We known many supremely qualified kids who havenít gotten in and one who did. He is a pretty typical Harvard admit, double legacy from both parents, and a grandparent, genius IQ, perfect ACT, perfect SAT, excellent math count scores, and has two patents already. His parents gave consistent $1,000 every year since graduation and nothing else. He was wait listed and eventually got in. But no one else we know.