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If you are in a horribly underfunded school district with very poor education and the local parochial school offers a stellar education, is that unfair? Should they be required to admit based on academic merit vs membership in the population that founded the school?

If a bunch of wealthy people get together and develop a school for their gifted kids--- which actually happened locally, do they have to as a private school, offer equal access to admissions?

And if those schools are colleges. If an Ivy is a bunch of rich people who are working together to pay for their kids to get a certain education, do they have to use certain criteria?

Or in all three cases, are they prohibited from discrimination based on a protected class?

Just wondering where the lines and the laws fall.

If they are operating as a non profit with associated tax breaks things are a bit different than if they are a private company paying taxes. It is tricky and I don't know the solution. I do live in a country with no private universities and not many private schools which may be one solution. Many of our universities also have endowments or own properties but they are state run and pretty much accept anyone for the first year after which you have to pass at varying levels depending on degree. A C will get you into second year science or arts but selective courses such and medicine and vet will require an A grade for example.