Our very social and fun- and action-loving child has always had trouble maintaining focus during longer work sessions at school and during extended periods of directions/instruction before a task/project begins.

Here we are at the start of a new grade and both he and teachers have reported issues with focus this week. What he said to me on the way home yesterday was that he doesn’t understand the point of 10-minute explanations before a task. He thinks it should be 30 seconds and then go do the thing!

He tested as having a high processing speed (and it shows IRL); prefers movement and collaboration to sedentary, solitary pursuits (except loves reading). He has no learning issues, at least that show up in his academic achievement. I will say that sometimes he does the minimum.

When I asked the school at the end of last year if we needed to do anything to support him heading into a new year, where demands on EF will be higher, they had the school psychologist observe him for two hours on one day. He suggested ADHD, and recommended getting the ADHD rating scales administered.

I’ve contacted a few local psych offices including through the university, and no one seems keen to just administer ratings scales.

We’re struggling between thinking this is *just him,* a kid who likes things to be fun and prefers action), and thinking that maybe he does have a disorder that keeps him from being able to persist, and therefore we need to get him some professional support.

Anyone have a kid with a similar profile who has been diagnosed (or not)?

Thank you for reading!

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