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I think the social part of it is very taxing for him. It distracts him from learning and wears him out.

DD is in 10th grade. The social stuff can totally distract her. She has gone from a 5 on one math test to a 2 on the next due to social stuff in the past. From middle school into last year. But she seems to have gotten a grip on it last year. All the drama, heartache, etc. found a balance, but going through it. Now she is totally focused. She has always done online math and did precalc last year. Did get a 4 but there was distraction in the middle but "pulled up her socks" and finished diligently. I think the social stuff can really weigh on some kids. I think he needs something that 1. keeps him active 2. gives him some social group. DD quit ballet since it was taking up too much time and now goes to the gym. Which I think is great for any high school kid. She has a longer day than public school 9-4, comes homes, and gets 45 minutes in the gym across the street to clear her head. But she also does competitively sailing. A small social group. Though DD is quite social at school and has found a real balance this year. She had a harder problem with the girls than the guys. She is witty and the guys like to talk with her. Though she doesn't date yet. I have pushed to wait and I think it helps on the social. Though everytime a guy asked her out and she said no, he wouldn't talk to her for months. But this year her friendships with girls is stronger. It has been a real process. Good luck. Some kids need the social interaction more than others. And maybe you just have to get your older son to help him through it.