My daughter was assessed via the WPPSI-IV just prior to turning 5, and there is huge scatter between index scores. I would love to hear what this may be attributable to, and where to next, if anywhere. I also wondered if there was any possibility of giftedness or 2e based on these scores. If so, how can we help her achieve to her full potential?

She has an interdental lisp and unfortunately also had chronic glue ear/mild hearing loss that was ignored by our GP from age 18 months - 4. As a result she has issues with auditory processing but seems to manage quite well when 1:1. Her father had an ADHD dx as a child. She tends to be perfectionistic/anxious/fidgety/quick to upset. Her gross motor skills are not amazing. She starts kindergarten next year.

WPPSI-IV Scaled Subtest Scores:

BD - 9
Information - 19
Matrix Reasoning - 11
Bug Search - 9
Picture Memory - 10
Similarities - 17
Picture Concepts - 11
Cancellation - 10
Zoo Locations - 16
Object Assembly - 8

VCI - 148
VSI - 91
FRI - 105
WMI - 119
PSI - 97

FSIQ - 119

Thank you in advance for any input/advice smile