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I haven't read everything, but wanted to jump in and say that the racial gap in identifying gifted children is closed by a thrid option I didn't see mentioned yet.

Same-race teacher identifying students. So including equal numbers of Black and Hispanic teachers in the identification process would likely close the gap significantly. Also measures of potential rather than measures of acquired learning would be important for the identifying gifted children in a less-privileged student population.

I don't like how articles above set this up as a false dichotomy. There are other options. The system does not need to stay segregated, nor do they need to dismantle the existing gifted program. The problem is not the program but the current selection. :facepalm:

I can only hope that the highlighted text was a bad joke.

Such a system would be open to almost unimaginable levels of abuse. I agree on teaching those with high potential - an IQ test would do this without any option for abuse.
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