Killing Gifted & Talented programs is de Blasio’s next step in war on excellence in education

There are two ways to close the school achievement gap: lift up struggling students or push down those who are succeeding. Having failed at the former, Mayor Bill de Blasio seems intent on pursuing the latter.

In the face of an education system that implicitly defines excellence as a racist social construct, middle-class parents will decamp in droves for the suburbs or stretch their pocketbooks to pay for private school.

‘Diversity’ plan would destroy the city’s school system to ‘save’ it
De Blasio now faces a high-stakes test of his higher-order reasoning skills. His ideology may not afford him the tools to think “critically” about the choices before him, but his political instinct must tell him that it would be folly to fully implement this proposal.

If he polled parents, he’d surely find that only a vanishing minority of parents — white, Asian, black or Hispanic — would support this policy. The only true constituency is his small cadre of cultural Marxist advisers.

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