Perhaps what I mean is, we're losing, and well I still feel our explanations are too subtle or complex, to convince much of the other 99%, who default to simple self-interest, or to "gifted myths" I wonder if NAGC admits that we're losing, takes some responsibility for that. Or has any statistics or polls to confirm this. For example, in the web page above, well we see "myth" and "truth" but a poll would likely reveal that by and large "truth" is not known, understood, or accepted. And I suggest this boils down to, its hard to feel sorry for gifted, and its hard to see them as victims, and in much of the west's politically correct climate, you have to be a victim to have a voice, and really gifted is associated with white/male/privilege. A lot of moving parts here and I wonder if NAGC is up to the task. They need to hire Frank Luntz to find an effective meme. Best I've found so far is "gifted kids are special needs kids".

Here in California for example "Special education services were provided to 774,665 individuals, newborn through twenty-two years of age, in 2017–18. California provides specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities."

Now there are about 6,186,278 school children in California

774665/6,186,278 = .125 So can't we just add the 1% gifted to the special needs program, take it from 12.5% to 13.5% of the students. Plus there's already infrastructure in place.

I don't expect this to cut much ice with the politicians, but the debacle in NYC is an example of the Naturalistic Fallacy. IQ science has the strongest correlations in social science or psychology. Its ridiculous to not conduct and discuss science just because it might lead to conclusions that don't fit in to some pre-ordained political correctness. Might as well mention GMVH here... ...

“Team Carranza doesn’t simply want to level the playing field; they want to dig it up and salt it.”

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