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Thank you, thx1138, for speaking up for gifted populations... the gifted are a true minority, and underdogs in our society.

I wonder what I'm really going to be able to accomplish, other than possibly starting a small brush fire of discussion here. A problem is that, for all our giftedness, we've never been able to formulate a simple argument for gifted education. The issues become complex... and now having to mix in political positions makes them an order of magnitude more complex. And "democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner." For gifted, its 99 wolves and 1 lamb. For DYS, 999 wolves and 1 lamb. I did find one potential angle though. Avoiding the complexities and simply saying "gifted kids are special needs kids". Which is not only true, and a pragmatic policy that I think 4 of the 50 US states have adopted, but here I go venturing back into the quicksand of politics, a brilliant angle when you have to have some kind of victim status to have a political voice nowadays. In the mean time, either homeschool, or move to another state or country. See https://www.hoagiesgifted.org/mandates.htm