Not a fan. I've always thought of these as a bit of junk science, as I noticed that for most people the answers changed readily based on currents events and influences in their lives at the moment... much like taking a quiz in a teen magazine.

However I've worked for companies that spent vast sums on "training" which seemed to do little more than peg people and subsequently treat them not as individuals based on their actual actions and contributions but rather as stereotypes of their results, painting them with a broad brush. For example, annual reviews based not on actual behavior but on statements which sounded like the employer acting as thought-police: "People like you will..."

I'm also aware of companies which required these tests as part of the interview process despite the fact that the MBTI website states that it is UNETHICAL to use their test as a recruiting or selection tool.

In the US, public schools are increasingly moving toward "social-emotional" learning and recording data from various measures of students, similar to the MBTI. We're told this is being done in the name of SAFETY.. supposedly to predict behavioral tendencies and potential future behavior. I believe this is a dangerous trend and usurps citizen rights, guaranteed by the Constitution's Bill of Rights. People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law... not until someone dislikes them, is suspicious of them, etc.