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I found that article, Iím not sure if this will be of any use to you, but have a read.


MumOfThree, that article inspired a few web searches. Here's a bit of what I found:

1) Article is backed up on the WayBackMachine, internet archive, here:
Archive: Underachievement in Exceptionally Gifted Adolescents and Young Adults: A Psychiatrist's View

2) Author, Jerald Grobman, located here:
Psychotherapy Services for the Gifted - http://psychotherapyservicesforthegifted.com/
1044 Madison Avenue
New York,N.Y. 10075

3) Author, Jerald Grobman, related with this gifted website:
Gro-Gifted, Research & Outreach - https://www.gro-gifted.org/
A contact email address is provided on the header of each webpage.
IMO, this is a GREAT website to explore.

Such an important article, information, resources... !
I'm going to cross-post in the "Adult" forum for those seeking this type of information there.

Again, I say: