Updates in case this saga helps anyone.

Virtual school was a flop. Piano lessons were a fail. Tried another piano instructor (a university professor) - also a fail.

I sent him to public school the following school year. 5th grade by age, he enrolled into 5th grade and was skipped into 6th grade with subject acceleration and a project-base G/T class. He did exceptionally poorly, on academic probation and lost a subject acceleration due to classroom behavior.

Then homeschool last year. He failed homeschool classes. shocked Like, I had no idea that was possible. So, homeschool again this year, registered him for 6th grade again (effectively now held back a year) and he's going through the same textbooks and lesson plan again. Guess what.... straight F's again.

He is in therapy. We've been promoting growth mindset and CBT at home for 2 years now. Inattentiveness has been ruled out for cause of his behavior. His previous response to ADHD medication turned out to be placebo effect. He has had thorough medical workups - nothing medically going on that can explain his behavior.

If there are any other parents of kids who are floundering and failing behaviorally and emotionally despite parents' best efforts to guide them, please reach out and message me.