My son 12 took mostly advance classes this year and found it very easy. He was put in a math class that was two years ahead which he loved and found challenging. It was the first time I saw him really apply himself. He previous was in private school and homeschooled so never tested for gifted. We had him tested for gifted and he didnít get in. His kbit was 88 needed 90 for further testing. His ktea scores were high but not the 95 percent in every thing that they wanted. His biggest strength seem to be reading. He always scores extremely high in reading comprehension and is extremely well read. He is requesting that I home school him next year so he can do 7 and 8th grade in one year and then go into 9 the following year. Not sure what to do. All I know is the current environment isnít working. He just sits around at school and surfs the internet and isnít learning anything.