First, my best wishes that you are at an overall healthier place in your life these days. Second, you are absolutely correct that comparing yourself to others is minimally productive. You have faced challenges (and drawn on strengths) that are unique to your life journey. Be proud of what you have accomplished, without reference to others' apparent outcomes.

Your profile on testing may be accurate, or it may be a reflection of your emotional state at the time. Or your emotional state may have been exacerbated by an authentic learning difference. Regardless, those results are only the beginning point of your ability. That you worked hard and achieved was your choice, your determination, and your character--all worth more long-term than raw ability.

As to the simpler question of GT: yes, you may use the gifted label, if it has personal value. Your FSIQ is in the moderately gifted range, and your measured VCI is in the HG+ range.
...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...