My son is 8 and was recently evaluated by an Ed Psych as I felt he was bright but not reaching his potential. The assessment confirmed a spiky profile and low processing. I would be very grateful for opinions on his scores and whether this looks like a 2e profile? He was assessed using the WASI 2, WRAT 4, and British Ability Scales 3.

His block design was very discrepant and I'll take him t an OT for further assessment.

Block design: Centile 9; T score 40; Age <6.2
Vocabulary: Centile 98; T score 66; Age 11.2
Matrix reasoning: Centile 86; T score 58; Age 10.6
Similarities: Centile 98; T score 65; Age 11.2
VCI 124 95% Superior
PRI 98 45% Average

An FSIQ was not given due to high variation in scores.

Maths computation: Centile 98; standardised score 130 (upper extreme)
Spelling: Centile 91; standardised score 120; category superior.


Speed of informational processing: Centile 16; T score 40; Age 6.1
Recall of digits forward: Centile 50; T score 50; Age 8.3
Recall of objects immediate verbal: centile 69; T score 55; age 9.3.

Many thanks.