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Yes, unfortunately, teachers and administrators frequently do ignore evidence-based and researched solutions.

It is important for parents to be aware of both:
- what is indicated by the body of research,
- a school's likely refusal to act accordingly.

Some parents may mistakenly have the initial impression that if their child is identified for gifted services, there is a smooth path for the child's education. In reality it is not so! Reality is closer to: welcome to the path of woe and eternal advocacy. In my observation and experience, parents are better equipped for that path if they understand:
- the obstacles which exist,
- the problem is the system (not the parents or the child),
- they are not alone.

I believe that currently the biggest problem with the US government's public school educational system is the social engineering experiment being done on children with the aim of being able to report equal outcomes amongst all pupils. The extensive data collection to measure "progress" toward this goal of equal outcomes is usurping lifelong privacy, and thereby evaporating personal freedom and liberty.