Yesterday evening and this morning my kids and I had some good conversations. DD says that she realized that she will need to be in fifth grade if she wants to be on the fifth grade FLL robotics team, and it sounds like she does want a leadership position in that role, so I think that's terrific for her. And she thinks she'll otherwise be okay in fifth grade as long as she can accelerate in math. She says she hopes that her new "accelerated club" (apparently how she thinks of the gifted testing acceptance) will help give her new options in math, but we are also discussing specific accommodations to request. It's so funny how she is different from my son! Even when he was crying and getting stomachaches from the horribly dull pace of fourth grade math, he flatly refused any accommodation that would single him out, whether that was doing different work in class or being pulled out for individual tutoring. DD on the other hand says, "There are only two fourth graders in the accelerated club, so maybe when they hand out the special math, they will announce, 'This is for ____.'" I asked her, would you LIKE that? She replied, "Of course!" grin On the one hand, I've fought against the typical gifted girl's tendency to hide her gifts, so I'm glad she's proud of her ability. On the other hand, it's so rough raising the big fish in a small pond. I've got a real hangup about it, based on always having been the "smartest" myself -- until I got to a situation where I either wasn't the smartest, or where smarts didn't get me far enough and I needed to also apply hard work, and I floundered. frown So, this will be something that we'll have to keep working on...she needs intellectual peers so badly. Sigh.