11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Gets the Highest Mensa IQ Score, beating Einstein, Hawking
by Bryan Ke
May 30, 2019

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The 11-year-old student scored 162 points on the test, which is two points ahead of Einstein, a theoretical physicist who is considered as one of the two pillars of modern physics, and famous cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Not to detract from this student's score, but the article's author made an apples-and-oranges comparison; there is a difference between scores of various test instruments (as summarized on this Hoagies page). No doubt the scores attributed to Einstein and Hawking are not Mensa IQ test scores; therefore the scores are not directly comparable.

Further media coverage in this SBS article hints that the score comparisons may not be definitive.

That having been said, kudos to Tara Sharifi, a student at Aylesbury High School, UK, for taking the test. It will be interesting to see whether knowing she has high capabilities may result in modifications to her education, and impact the opportunities available to her in the future.