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A lot here to respond to...
I'm just going to comment on a tiny piece of it. With regard to homework and busywork in general, I frequently recommend an accommodation variously worded as "quality over quantity", "items sufficient to demonstrate mastery of skills and concepts", or, more generically, "reduced workload". Typically, this is for students with slow processing speed, or fine motor deficits, but I've also used it with highly advanced students (usually 2e, in my case).

Sounds good! I expect my daughter, like my son before her, to struggle with reading comprehension worksheets and with the slow pace of in-class math work. I could see formulating this as a request for reduced workload in the form of sheets and short answers, balanced by an increased amount of larger-scale book reports and deeper math problems. Hm.

I've also thought of proposing this as a Bloom's Taxonomy kind of thing. Skipping over the knowing and understanding and applying levels, in order to dive fully into the analyzing and evaluating and creating levels?