Thanks for the links! To be clear, DD says that she only saw 1 or 2 other fourth and fifth graders testing when she did. So I don't think we're looking at a full self-contained classroom of gifted learners by any means. Honestly my expectation is that there *might* be a multi-grade pull-out as often as once a week, but more likely it will just consist of the district G&T teacher providing the classroom teachers with guidance on how to deal with her, or an IEP-style framework that would excuse her from busy work to free her up for on-level work?

Also realized I didn't mention that my DS is in sixth grade now, and is also at least HG. So we've already been through the fifth grade teaching team. They're all great, and they know my kids need something extra. They just vary in their ability to provide it.

I was just curious if anyone else is operating in a small public school, within a small district, with not a lot of funding. I know that most parents here have pushed for whole-grade or at least subject-level acceleration. But if pull-outs and differentiated work are part of the plan, what does that look like? Can I ask for online coursework? Project-based learning in lieu of homework? Are there any well-researched resources that indicate what the known best practices are for this scenario?