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Well, the extra time is not what actually helped the kids in this scandal, right? If you do not know the correct answers, extra time will not do much. The extra time afforded them the ability to actually cheat - i.e., time and space to have someone correct their answers, do the test over for them, etc.

Thank you for pointing this out. In this scandal, the accommodations were exploited to facilitate cheating. I worry that this scandal will end up further stigmatizing kids who legitimately need time even more than they already are.

My DYS DD17 has been allowed extra time on tests since third grade because she is dyslexic and dysgraphic. She considers extra time to be a blessing and curse. In elementary and middle school my daughter was in a GT program. She was bullied and teased by other students in the program that she was stupid because she had to go to "the extra time room" when she took state standardized tests. Also, her classes moved on while she was getting her extra time so she had extra homework to make up for what she missed.

High school has been somewhat better because she can go complete classroom exams or make up work that she missed due to extra time during her off blocks. For college board tests, she acknowledges that she needs the extra time but also acknowledges that her brain is mush by the time she gets to her extra time.