After some false starts in the past few years, my small district is finally rebooting their G&T program. I went ahead and nominated my fourth grader (rising fifth) for testing, and after CogAT, portfolio review, and teacher interviews, she's been accepted to the program. However, the Special Services director, a new hire this school year, has invited input into how they devise the program, which will start in the fall.

Are there any good resources for how to provide on-level learning and enrichment for a very small number of students in a very underfunded school? Are there any good questions I should be asking?

My DD is probably HG, and does okay in school as long as her teachers know to challenge her as best they can, and as long as we do various things at home. But she's suffering from a lot of the challenges typical of gifted girls, like hiding her talents around her friends or getting REALLY frustrated on the rare occasion that things don't come easily (including sports). These are our biggest challenges and our biggest reasons for trying the G&T program, even though I'm not optimistic it will be capable of addressing these issues.

Thanks for any advice!