I think the word is the problem. Gifted. You get a gift, they do not. Why not be more specific? Test kids and they are math oriented and need math challenge. Or others who are veral oriented and need more depth in studies to be challenged. With all the online programs, there should be so many ways to customize and let kids focus on their strengths, whatever they are. In Ontario there is conservative government that is keen to cut costs wherever to deal with debt. But in the midst of their cutting of muscle, they actually get some stuff right. They are demanding kids take online classes. This is a way to cut staff, but on the other hand, it allows kids to go at their own pace. In fact, as they allow more of this, and kids are still involved in a regular high school for extracurriculars, gym, field trips, this sounds like a good idea to me. This is what it should be. Being part of a school for all the emotional and social development and clubs and the ability to do courses at your own pace. And science labs have a physical space.