I have a five year old son who has many gifted traits. I haven't had him tested, but I believe he is probably gifted. The latest example is that he has figured out the concept of multiplication all on his own. And asks me lots of questions about multiplication.

We want to enroll him in public kindergarten for the fall.

I just started the process, but I definitely have some concerns. My guess is that he's about 2 years ahead academically. He's not always keen on showing anyone what he's capable of. At times he can be very defiant. I keep him busy and learning at home, and when I don't he can be very mischievous. He's an intense kid that is often "too much" for every one else around him. (For the most part I think this all sounds like a gifted traits, but let me know if that doesn't sound right).

I want to ask for ideas/advice regarding two things:

1) I think I probably need to tell the school/teacher that I suspect he's above grade level. I mostly think this is important because he tends to cause trouble when he's not challenged regularly. Who do I approach? How do I do this? The school has a gifted program with staff. They can test early, but don't offer any special programming until 3rd grade.

2) This school gives me a choice between half and whole day kindergarten. I'm on the fence. More academic rigor would be good for him. But, he's doing easy work all day he will drive all of the adults nuts and we wouldn't have much time outside of school to follow his interests/keep him challenged. Half day could give me time to work with him... But, I also have a younger son that I'd like to have time with to explore his interests.

p.s. We had a bad start with preschool at almost 4 years old. He acted nuts at school and the teachers kept separating him from students to maintain control. That was when I first saw what his peers were doing and realized he was ahead academically. We pulled him out and I've been doing preschool (which is a mash up of preschool/kindergarten/first grade stuff) at home. But, now I'm definitely nervous about school for him.